Gin, unreasonable disappointment and more

I went out for drinks tonight for the first time in, well, days. I was drinking copious amounts of gin on Saturday, reasonable amounts on Sunday, paused on Monday, and then Tuesday came and I was taken out to drinks at my favourite bar, 28, which probably inspired most of my gin drinking shenanigans over the last two years.

I’ve had a stabbing headache since Sunday and I imagine I’ll have it again tomorrow, dammit.

Possibly all this drinking gin is going to interfere with my running. Knowing this, I went out for a run this morning, very slowly, legs and body tired from yesterday’s session. As I walked to work today, I told my wife that I was a little sad that I’d got slower since the last time I’d run that session.

This was understandable; after all, I’m not getting lots of quality sleep with Felicity interrupting as much as she does, but it was still hard to feel that I was going backwards. Then I checked my lap times on the Garmin website today, and found I was 30 seconds faster overall. I’d run the first 1200 metres in exactly the same time as I had two weeks ago, and the other four all faster than before. This is a good reason to do the same sessions frequently, and to track them properly, otherwise you can get downcast at what you think is declining performance when you’re actually improving.

Still, tonight I’ve done my gin-based carbohydrate loading for the week, so tomorrow’s run should be spectacular. If not for me, then for anyone who has got up at six in the morning and desperately wants to see a man throwing up in a gutter. I’ve only had a Corpse Reviver, a Painkiller and a gin and tonic, but I know what a lightweight I am.

Drinking tonight, we discussed how in the old days of media, you could drink all day without an eyebrow being raised, whereas in the modern, always on environment of the modern world, two hour liquid lunches just don’t cut it. But what about cocaine, I asked. Surely the high-frequency, short bursts of attention that email demands would perfectly suit that drug, at least in the short term. They don’t call them Crackberrys for nothing.

I’ve never seen so many media types look so awed and revolted at the mention of cocaine at the same time. Surely in an industry famously fuelled on the stuff, that wasn’t an alien concept to them? (Although I notice I have quite the track record for inadvertently convincing people I’m up to my eyeballs in the stuff – whether it’s been media agencies, software vendors or first dates, I’ve left people thinking I’m out of my mind on coke more times than is reasonable. Unless I am actually doing so much cocaine that I don’t realize I’m taking it at all, and I may be skint come the end of each month, but I’m pretty sure I’d notice if I was helping Bolivia’s trade deficit.)

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