Good night

We watched Encanto with the girls tonight, and La Serpiente explained the plot to us (ten minutes in advance of the screen) and I still found myself weeping near the end. So that was a successful Friday night.
This morning we went and picked out tiles for the bathroom and then j worked as hard as I could until 5pm, when my brain ceased working and I knew it was time to stop.

The kids went to sleep tonight in a heartbeat, giving me time to go buy modelling supplies, a bunch of azaleas for Valentine’s Day, and have somebody meddle with the windscreen wipers on my car (possibly because I parked too close to their Porsche, I don’t understand passive aggressiveness in the carpark).

Then we watched the amiable romcom I Want You Back, and went to bed, with both a loud purring cat and an enormous dog. What a good night.

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