Grumpy Saturday

We had a fractious day: the girls got up at 6:30 and spent three hours playing with iPad and Kindle before we woke up and put a stop to that. The lack of breakfast, the being stuck at home, the lack of movement added up and everyone was grumpy and snapping at one another.
We took them for a walk around Green Lake and then to the library. The library was closed due to staffing so we headed to downtown Seattle and a mirage-like booster shot at a office building that turned out to be closed. Then to the main library, a glorious cavern of books where we borrowed thirty more books for the girls and then went to get my lunch. At close to 4pm.

I suppose the good thing about waiting that long for lunch, and enduring hangriness, was that I was too full to have dinner, so I only needed to take my aligners out twice today. I went climbing, did half an hour of exhausting work, then came back with groceries to find the girls taking an eternity to eat dinner.

Cue more grumpiness from me, Destroyer weeping, and a slow bedtime. La Serpiente awoke from a nightmare at midnight… hopefully tomorrow is better.

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