Happy birthday La Serpiente

To celebrate La Serpiente’s third birthday, we took the ferry from Dartmouth to Halifax and spent a fortune on outdoor gear at MEC. What says “happy birthday” better than seeing your father try on five different pairs of shoe, and then purchase an ice-cream maker in the shape of a football?

Well, La Serpiente was actually very happy, as MEC has lots of things for a three year old to jump off, and she got some new sunglasses out of the deal, so it wasn’t a complete deprivation for her. We took the ferry back, put the kids down to sleep, and then readied ourselves for the afternoon.

La Serpiente was in fine form; rather than Monday’s gloomy birthday party, where all she could do was look wan and vomit over her father, she was back to full power, running, gibbering and singing away. Her cousin and another of her Nova Scotian friends were both in attendance, as well as an 8 and an 11 year old girl, both indications of where our little monster will end up in a few years. There was cake, there was more cake, there were lots and lots of presents. The only hardship was when it reached 9pm local time, and she was still gibbering and capering and showing no interest in bed.

Well, the only hardship for her. We’d been distracted and forgotten to give Destroyer any dinner until almost 8pm, and, in our dumbed-down state, couldn’t work out why our youngest seemed to be so disconsolate and unconsolable. Well, there was the starvation, and also the constant mucus pouring from her nose. The travel has not been kind to Destroyer this time around.

So, as the day draws to an end and we drag a cover over these lacksidaisical parenting skills, and try and fail to persuade La Serpiente that she should have a bath before bed, there’s very little to say but to collapse into the arms of sleep…

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