Hard time at the school gates

Destroyer doesn’t understand concepts of time or numbers very well. Whenever I tell her she has ten minutes playtime left before we have to get ready to leave for school, she stamps her foot and cries "no, five more minutes" and can only be consoled when my wife tells her she can have two lots of five minutes instead.
Today was particularly horrendous as she sat under a desk playing with Peppa Pig toys and refused to come out. When we finally extricated her, she howled and howled until we were downstairs, and was then distracted by dogs all the way to school.

I thought she was fine, but when we then got into school she became weepy and clung to me, refusing to go into the classroom. This is a new departure for Destroyer; previously her stone cold demeanour has never cracked as she abandoned her parents at the school gate and strode in.

She stood and wept, and I crouched down to talk to her, and she whimpered and clung to me some more, and only after about ten minutes she let go of me and wandered off, eyes looking full of despair and loneliness.

Of course, five minutes later she was back to normal, apparently, after I’d gone off to the office on a dodgy hire bike with a seat so low I was basically doing squats as I pedalled. I’m sure the happy start had energised me somehow.

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  1. Has something spooked Destroyer ? Like scary Halloween stories, or has she seen other kids getting extra cuddles when they are reluctant to go into school. Can La Serpiente cast light upon this gloominess?

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