The haze has returned to Singapore, and I feel quite aggrieved. Having spent all that money sending wife and child to the other side of the world for the summer, for the express purpose of avoiding the haze, it’s quite aggravating that they would come back just as the haze does. Isn’t there any way I could exchange some of my frequent flyer miles for a bit of fresh air?

Of course, I spend the day skulking in an air conditioned office, leaving only to buy salad and drink coffee, so I suppose the air quality concerns me less than other members of my family. It’s not all fun and games for me though; today I had to install a Chromecast in the office television.

This would be fairly easy if the television wasn’t bolted to the wall, but as it was, we had all sorts of fun with me arching my back and jamming my head between wall and consumer electronics, in order to poke a connector into an HDMI port. Apparently this was an impressive feat, which suggests the young things in the office have never seen a grown man contort himself into an agonizing position just to install some user hardware.

Apart from that, I didn’t do anything very exciting today. I was awake at one in the morning because my beloved daughter woke up and gave a single bellow, yanking me out of a comfortable, dreamless sleep and leaving me insomniacal for a couple of hours, with predictable results: lots of nocturnal email checking, followed by a rather vague day at work where my brain was apparently replaced by cotton wall. Ah well, I’m sure it toughens me up somehow.

Tonight we put our daughter to bed at the unreasonably early hour of 7:15p.m., and she’s been out cold for four entire sleep cycles, while, incapable of making the most of this opportunity, we’ve zoned out in front of the television. I hope this means we’ll be full of energy tomorrow.

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