Heat and paradoxes

We put the kids to sleep yesterday and I tried to sleep on the sofa, but because La Serpiente couldn’t sleep and came out at 1am in search of a cuddle, I ended up stuck on the side of a squeaky mattress for a couple of hours, and only got three hours sleep on the sofa, after which La Serpiente woke up and demanded I read The Wind In The Willows to her.
I failed in this task but she apparently then read it all herself (possibly because I told her that when she finished it I’d let her read Wild Wood, the Marxist revisionist interpretation of The Wind In The Willows from the perspective of the weasels and ferrets). I then had a phone call to get into that somebody had organised about six this morning, and seemed surprised that I hadn’t read their prebrief. Which they’d sent at seven this morning. Ah, the joy of timezones.

When I’d finished raging about that, and gone through all sorts of complications with my mortgage refinancing (don’t ask, it’s complicated) we got a second quotation for the remodel of our house, which was two thirds the previous one. And double the next estimate we had, so the range is so wide as to utterly confuse and baffle me. Maybe we should just agree to live in a shed and not do anything at all.

I took the kids out for their bike ride, then Destroyer had an intro to her kindergarten teacher, while I spent the afternoon sweating. We made the discovery that La Serpiente seems keen on making a model four stroke engine with me, out of Lego, which excites me to find something new to do together. So that was a decent way to spend the day. I finished up by eating another biscuit (damn, I love biscuits all of a sudden) and winning a game of Blood Bowl when my opponent had a meltdown about the dice not being random. The last few games I’ve really enjoyed because I’ve had no expectations of winning, when my opponents have. I suppose now it’s going to go wrong again as I’ll have expectations, or maybe not, in which case the paradox will break my head. And so to bed.

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