Home almost alone

This evening my wife and her friend went to Portland on the Greyhound bus, leaving me to mind the kids all weekend. This mainly consisted of feeding them pasta, then having them watch TV, and then yell at me when I told them they’d watched too much TV, and then I yelled at them, and then everyone cried for a bit, and then they went to bed, and it rained, and then I got to play Blood Bowl for a few hours, winning one game 2-1, and getting two 2-2 draws, which made me feel more competent.
It’s raining now but with the threat of snow, which entails the city shutting down, my wife being stuck in Portland for the duration, and the kids getting cabin fever. So let’s hope not. I’m going shopping tomorrow morning to stock up on food for if it does snow, and the taking the girls to the zoo. A normal weekend, except I have full parental responsibility. I wonder if the little darlings will sleep in tomorrow. Probably not.

This week I managed to achieve a few of my fitness goals. I’ve swum a lot, I’ve done roughly one more pull up every day, and I’m not drinking too much coffee. I’m not reading enough books though. Need to fix that.

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