I don’t do mornings

I had a 7am call scheduled, which was fine for people in New York, where it was 10am, and a bit crap for people in Singapore, because it was 11pm there. I hate early morning calls because I’m always worried I’ll oversleep, so I wake up too early and then I’m even more tired than I need to be.
So it was today, as I woke around 5am, fell back asleep for a bit and slept fitfully until 6, when I got up to unlock the house for the drywallers, shower and stuff some coffee into myself before the call. The call itself was fine, but I have another 7am tomorrow. At least the 9pm call tonight was canceled so I didn’t have a totally stretched day.

I rode to the office again, and rode back, so although I didn’t climb tonight, I did get some exercise in. On the slog goes. And the balcony at the back of our house is perilously close to completion, which in turn will mean less banging and hammering, which will make working from home that much easier. But still, I can’t be getting up at silly o’clock.

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