Froggy had to stay confined to our girls’ room for a second day, while work continued on putting an extra duct into our bedroom. I didn’t let him out to inspect the work this time, because there’s now a cat-sized hole in the floor of our room until they finish the duct work and put the wardrobe back on top of it.
I think Froggy was a little put out by this but he did play with me again this evening before eventually going to sleep under the bunk beds, so I assume I’m forgiven.

Today I figured out a few things at work, which made me happy, and I read the girls some more of their story, and I rode to work and back on my bicycle (over 75 miles now) doing my personal best on the way to the office (less than 19 minutes door to door) so there’s been some achievements. I just hope we get enough done to have the house shipshape before the family is reunited on Saturday….

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