Almost there…

I went to the dentist today and he told me that everything looked fine, which means that … I’ll be wearing the retainers for another two weeks, until more arrive, and I’ll be wearing those until whenever.

After a year, the adjustments are over; from now on, the trays aren’t to realign my teeth, but to keep them aligned. I don’t know if that means I wear those forever (how often do your teeth move around?) but I suppose that does encourage you to floss and keep everything tidy.

Whether it’s worth it or not, I honestly couldn’t say. My teeth do look more regular now, but that wasn’t something I was particularly perturbed about before. Why I’ve put myself through a year of this is thus … a little odd. But they’re tidied, and it’s inculcated in me the habit of flossing, so there’s always that.

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