To celebrate the Platinum Jubilee we went to a street party about ten blocks from our house. It was totally authentic, in that there was a light drizzle throughout (later today there was a massive deluge). There were corgi-shaped balloons, a cardboard cut out of the Queen and even a fish and chips truck, that arrived just as we were leaving for a birthday party that evening. So that was a nice little slice of Britishness.
Later in the evening somebody tried to get me to explain what British people think of the Royals. It’s been a long time since I’ve been in the UK so I’m probably not best placed to answer, but it’s like an embarrassing drunken uncle – fine to criticise, but not for outsiders to mention. Oh, except Prince Andrew, I guess.

The birthday party I went to was for my former manager, at a cookery school round the corner from our house. We got to chop up celery root and make a lovely roast lamb, which I guess will be my meat of the month. And then home, ready to fall asleep, eyes falling out of my head. Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow….

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