King of New York

Today we went to Discovery Park in the morning for a walk, and I got lost before we went back and all napped. This is the right way to spend a Saturday. In the late afternoon we went down to Top Ten Toys and I dropped a bunch of cash on puzzles, toy walruses, kazoos and a copy of King of New York, the sequel to King of Tokyo, a game I played in London about two years ago.

In King of Tokyo, each player has a Monster that tries to destroy the city. King of New York is roughly the same game, but with some extra mechanics introduced; instead of just fighting the other monsters, you can also attack buildings, which leads to the military getting involved, and there’s a bit more tactical complexity involved around New York’s boroughs.

The game is a little complicated to pick up: we played through it twice in about an hour and a half, and were gradually getting the hang of it. Although it recommends 2-6 players, I think the optimum number of players is at least four, as it’s most fun when there’s lots of conniving and ganging up on one another. Also, I’m sulking because my monster, Captain Fish, was the first monster to be defeated in both games. But never mind, there’s always Exploding Kittens.

We didn’t really get involved with all the cards that King of New York includes. The dice rolling and the turn order were difficult enough, but I imagine that with a little familiarity, they’ll add a lot of depth to the game.

And now, exhausted by the day, I’m off to bed.

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