Last birthday for a while

The last birthday for a few months is done: my wife had a bad night’s sleep so breakfast in bed was greeted by her rolling over and going back to sleep for an hour, but eventually we cajoled her into getting up and opening her presents. A successful haul: cookery books, new shoes, more books, a cheeseboard from my sister and clothes from my parents. Plus the Pioneer Squares I gave her last night as an early treat. Then we headed over to Coal Creek for a short hike.
We’re really out of shape, so much so it’s just not funny. Whereas before Coal Creek was an easy hike for me, this time even the shortened route left me worn out, shambling for the rest of the day. And this was something I could run in 45 minutes less than two years ago. Time to rededicate ourselves to exercise for the rest of the year.

The kids played/squabbled in the park when we got home, then had hot dogs and a bath before bed, just before the loudest possible fireworks went off for July 4th. Come on people, I need to get up early tomorrow….

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