Last Working Day Of The Year

It was pretty quiet in the office today, which suited me as it didn’t distract from writing reviews and planning for next year. I had a class at the climbing gym, which turned out to be an hour of hell, principally in the form of squats and duckwalking. Before today I’d never encountered duckwalking; you squat, then walk forwards without standing up, and it’s murder on your hips and quads, especially if you’ve been deskbound for a long long time like me.

Still, I didn’t actually keel over during the session, so that’s some sort of victory. Tomorrow I’m going back for a class where they teach you to stand on your head. Valuable life skills.

I’ve been experimenting with an Upright Go, a posture tracking device. You stick it to your back and it chastises you when your shoulders slump. It warns you that the adhesive doesn’t work well on wet skin; what it hadn’t made clear is that even if you fix it to dry skin, if the skin is attached to a person as sweaty as I am, it will fall off during your gym session. So the jury is very much out on that for now.

I got back from the climbing gym, wrote my vision statement for how I hope 2018 works out, looked at a few experimental studies, and then took my wife to see Pitch Perfect 3, which is ridiculous for many reasons, not limited to: John Lithgow, a mobile apiary, a “riff-off” and a surprising volume of Sapphic subtext.

Then back to the office, then home to pacify the girls, and then I spent a few hours with rebellious hard drives before being able to post one of the hundreds of photos that I took in Myanmar. More of those tomorrow, I hope.


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