Late night consequences

The girls went skating again tonight, their regular Tuesday lesson. La Serpiente’s been moved up to level 3, although I’m not quite sure what that means, and after a 25 minute lesson they got 10 minutes of free skating before the Zamboni arrived. At the end, Destroyer fell over and banged her knee and her hip and wept all the way to the car, but otherwise they were unscathed.
I was exhausted because I stayed up late last night playing a stupid computer game until about 1 am. No regrets, but I was in bits. Happily, the taps in the bathroom have been replaced (so you don’t need the arms of Hercules to turn the cold water on or off) and the toilet is almost ready on the ground floor. Again, it’s now down to the minor details on the renovation. We’re almost done. Although I keep telling myself that.

Meanwhile Frogmorton is sleeping at my feet. Now we wear him out with intensive sessions chasing a laser pointer, he’s much happier in the day. Who knew that exercise would do so much?

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