Late night flight to SFO

I left my wife and kids behind at a Oktoberfest party (well, ten of our neighbours from the next avenue over, drinking around an open fire while the children ran amok) and took an Uber to the airport.

The line was super efficient – TSA Precheck plus nobody wanting to fly on a 9pm flight meant the longest part was when a Clear "ambassador" stopped me to explain why I should upgrade to iris-recognition instead of my grubby passport, and then I was through and buying an enormous salad for my dinner.

Salad is nominally healthy, but packaged in a bread wrap so big you have to eat it with two hands, cramming the slowly disintegrating container into your mouth before it spreads over your lap, is not healthy for waistline or mental state. Still, I finished that, got on the plane, put on mask, noise canceling headphones, hat, and tried to get some rest.

I couldn’t sleep, I don’t know quite why, maybe it was the distraction of watching other people watch terrible movies like the second Charlie’s Angels outing. Or perhaps it’s a cunning plan to ensure I sleep when I get to the hotel, supposedly a thirty minute ride away.

At least this is an efficient trip. In, out, in less than 24 hours.

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