Late night mischief

I put the girls to sleep tonight and while La Serpiente was out cold in minutes, Destroyer was wide awake at 830,askimg me questions about ear wax and rabbiting on. Eventually I fled the room and let her put herself to sleep.
About eleven, La Serpiente came downstairs and tried to sit with us. I carried her up to her bed, put her down, and then after a moment she blundered off to the bathroom. As she closed the door behind her, I listened to the sound of her opening the other door, as she made her way into our bedroom.

Amazed that she would be thinking of this, and highly amused by it all, I tried to get her out of our bed and back into hers but I couldn’t stop giggling at this. La Serpiente’s cunning is only matched by her ignorance of her parents’ wiles – could this be the start of a nocturnal arms race?

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