Late to bed and early to ride

I calculated last night that to break even on my electric bike, I need to commute on it about 200 times. This was a mistake, because nothing is more reliable than a cost benefit analysis to drive all the joy out of something. And riding back and forth on back to back days, while sleep deprived, wasn’t the most fun thing anyway.
However, I’ve now ridden it almost 100 miles, which is about 5% of the way there. And perhaps it was more the guilt of leaving the bike in the basement all January because I was scared of the snow. A slow, gradual increase in commuting is probably better than trying to do it all at once. So I’ll ride to work on Friday and then try for three rides per week until that doesn’t exhaust me.

It did exhaust me tonight, so I got home incapable of much. I tried to snooze on the sofa, I failed to put the kids to bed, I did a bit of my MBA but not enough, and I lost two gamrs of Blood Bowl. The first, my team were pretty much smashed off the pitch in the first half so I lost 4-0. The second match was much tighter and with a slightly luckier set of dice, or less bad decision making and I might have got a 2-1 win or at least a draw. But maybe I’m in a rut, or maybe I’m just tired and should only play one match per night

Or I should go to bed. That would help.

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