Leavenworth 2022

I figured after a day in a room playing Blood Bowl, I should spend a bit of time with the family, so we headed out to Leavenworth. I’d hoped for an early departure but with both parents exhausted, we got on the road just before ten, which got us to Leavenworth for midday.

The drive over was a little odd, in that you go through a bit of grim strip mall America first, then into the mountains where there’s still snow and people skiing (it was about 6° as we went through Stevens Pass, and then arrived in Leavenworth to glorious sunshine and 20° weather. The car was rocksteady throughout, and in the spring I’m not so paranoid with range anxiety.

The downside of Leavenworth are the tourist prices for everything – 6 dollar pretzels and two dollar bottles of water – but having denied both girls $20 artisanal slingshots wer weren’t doing too bad, and given there was no petrol to pay for on our 250 mile drive, that wasn’t so bad.

I tried Dusseldorfer mustard on my hot dog. That cleared my sinuses like a blast of wasabi, and then we trundled around town for a while, before meeting friends from Ballard we haven’t seen in almost two years, and had the girls gambol by the water until I was sunburnt and it was time to go home.

A quick stop at Safeway to pump electricity into the car, we scoffed a baguette between us, and then home again.

Driving for four hours meant we listened to a lot of podcasts to entertain the girls. Their favourite is one from a woman in Utah with bizarre pronunciation for almost every word in the English language, which fair twisted my melon, but I guess there’s worse things in the world, and I learned new things about the Titanic sinking I didn’t realise (most of the lifeboats were only 25% full, so a lot more people could have been saved) so that wasn’t a total loss. Coffee in Leavenworth is pretty horrible though. The things we learn, eh?

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