Leavenworth in winter

One of the great things about Leavenworth is that it’s a small town. There’s not that much to do here in winter, especially if you have unsuitable clothes and it’s cold outside. Once you’ve been through the gamut of shops selling alternately Bavarian- and Seattle Seahawks-themed tat, and the proprietor of the motel you’re staying in has played the alpenhorn for you, there’s not much that you absolutely positively have to see. And so I didn’t feel particularly guilty about having a two hour nap this afternoon.

La Serpiente Aquatica Negra went down too, after a stellar morning where she ran and gibbered and was adorable, and I keeled over, sleeping on my arm so that when I awoke I couldn’t move it for twenty minutes and the useless appendage flapped at the side of my body until the blood returned to it. And then we went to the post office.

We have done slightly more in Leavenworth than just sleep. There’s a very good toy shop where we bought our daughter a bouncy rubber ball, a tentacle and some gloves. The town square is covered in snow and you can slide down a small slope on a plastic bin lid, and usually stop before you reach the road at the bottom. There’s lots of places selling bratwurst (good) and Seattle’s Best Coffee (doubtful, and worrisome if that’s true). There’s a ski hill that might be good if you’d remembered to bring globes, warm socks, proper boots and a good coat, and there’s a pleasant walk by the river (see the ski hill for prerequisites – it’s not called Icicle River for nothing).

But there are also comfortable beds in the hotel, which really can’t be stressed highly enough.

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