Lego, climbing, and fatigue

I woke at 3 this morning with a dreadful stomach ache, and soon after, Destroyer woke up too. Waking again on the sofa at 7:30, bleary eyed and having La Serpiente demand I read her stories, I figured it might be a tough day. Still, I rode down to the climbing wall and put in another hour.
Positives: I did one problem I couldn’t do last week. I didn’t bust the skin on my hands like before, but I did manage to hit the back of my thumb on a hold and lose a big bit of skin. So I still ended up with a divot taken out of me.

Negatives: well, I was just out of it. After one problem, a guy came up to me asking for his chalk back, because I’d inadvertently mistaken his for mine, and picked it up and taken it away with me. I felt rather embarrassed by that, and after an hour of climbing and inflicting some pain on myself, I was pretty much done.

I’ve found a slightly safer (less time on main roads) route to the wall, so I’ve used that. On my return home, I stopped at Biscuit & Bean and a perk of constantly tipping them 20% every week is that I now seem to get express service; I arrive at the back of a long queue, and still get my biscuits before anyone else does. Or a bag of biscuits is a simple order to fulfil.

I got home, exhausted. My wife and I were both on the nod, with the kids demanding attention. I think I managed a ten minute nap, and then had to walk them up to the toy shop to spend their money (another of La Serpiente’s teeth fell out yesterday, earning her another $5). I bought myself a Lego Chevrolet to make (about three hours of fiddling with bricks, which I really enjoyed) and the kids both bought themselves soft toys.

They lost their soft toys later on this evening for screaming when they’d been asked not to. Easy come, easy go, I suppose. I continued to feel rough – tired? Worn out? Done in by the tower of power? and slumped my way towards bedtime. Tomorrow is a day off, time to recover some more…

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