Lingering effects

I woke at five from the pain, took ibuprofen, went back to bed. I woke again about eleven, and spent most of the day either on the sofa, or moving gingerly around the house. At two thirty I got to see my local physiotherapist, who spent some time manipulating my muscles to get rid of some of the pain, but encouraging me to get seen by a neck specialist and probably get an injection of cortisone. So, with multiple more ibuprofen, I returned to being parked on the sofa, instructed not to pick up anything heavy. Which is not good when we still have to clear out the basement and the porch before demolition

Hopefully, the ice and the meds begin to take effect, and I’m better. My physio seemed to think the pain will get worse before it’s better, which is not something to look forward to. It’s going to be a hard few days, and annoyingly, we’re approaching a long weekend. Nice time to be incapacitated

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