Long long day

I woke up at 430, stressful, and shortly after that La Serpiente came in so there was no way I was going to sleep. I put her back in her bed, tried to sleep downstairs, played a game of Blood Bowl, and then went to work, basically narcoleptic on the bus. I had coffee and breakfast and managed to get some stuff done, but it was never going to be a great day.
In the afternoon I went to the DMV to sort out applying for a US driving license. But even getting a permit to learn to drive requires a written test at a different place, and to be able to take that test requires I provide a ludicrous list of IDs – US birth certificates, gun permits, driving licenses from another state, parole board forms, but apparently not just my passport and some utility bills. Thanks for making things complicated.

To get to the DMV I took an Uber where the guy played PBR VERY LOUD. To get back I ordered an Uber who parked 100 yards up the street from me and waited, like he was trying to stare me out. These are the people who have driving licenses when I do not.

Eventually, this made me go home in a huff. In a Lyft, driven by a man who couldn’t drive. In a thunderstorm.

I finished the day with two more games of Blood Bowl, and hence to bed. On to the morning!

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