Lots of things

We had a busy day today, taking a call with our contractor before rushing down to the credit union to finalise the HELOC. We now have a $140,000 line of credit to draw on as the renovation continues; I’m hoping it’s not all necessary, but who’s to say?
The kids had stayed with a neighbour while we were out signing forms, so when I returned I reciprocated by taking everyone to the park, where my daughters decided they wanted to fight me. I’m not sure quite why, but we had half an hour of them trying to beat me up and me throwing them on the ground, punctuated by La Serpiente getting too keen and kicking me in the shins.

Then I embarked on the miserable process of emptying the (currently flooded) basement, clearing out bikes and shelves and old plastic Christmas trees. We had friends coming over for drinks tonight, and I spent some time messing around lighting a fire, before the inevitable rain came in. Then we sat the girls down in front of the first Narnia film, giving them half an hour of it before trying to put them to bed, at which point Destroyer lost her mind.

Still, the girls slept, and we got our evening of socialising, though we’re so unused to seeing people in real life rather than mediated through a screen that we were extra worn out than usual. That, or fighting kids is more tiring than you’d think.

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