Lowering of spirits

I worked from home today, and felt exhausted pretty much the whole day through. I’m not sure why; perhaps it was the sprint from the school gate to make it back in time for an 8am call. Or stressing over a big presentation later in the day, or just being worn out. The cold dark skies don’t help, but neither does our house, suddenly too warm when before it was too cold.
More positively, my wife has been hard at work cooking Christmas puddings, and I lose track of how much of the eight pounds of ingredients has been transmuted into steamed puddings now. But it’s a lot. Exhausted by this, she fell asleep on the sofa while I caught up with my Blood Bowl, and then had Frogmorton come and complain vociferously at me that he wasn’t getting enough attention. (I let him out on our balcony twice today, but then infuriated him by bringing him back inside instead of letting him sit in a puddle and look at birds. And so to bed.

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