Lucky Tiger

This evening the haze came back to Singapore. I left the apartment just after 8pm and that horrible stench of burning was thick around the lift lobby again. Just when La Serpiente was getting over her stomach upset, we get back to a situation where her dear little lungs are going to be assaulted again. This is really rather wearing.

To be more positive, I’m going to instead wax lyrical about a different smell, or absence of: or rather, my favourite deodorant, Lucky Tiger. Lucky Tiger is wonderful for several reasons:

What I didn’t realise was that as well as a deodorant, it is an antiperspirant. Or at least the product page on its website seems to suggest as much. I don’t like the idea of antiperspirant so much. I certainly don’t like the advice that you should apply antiperspirant before you go to sleep at night, rather than in the morning, to give it more opportunity to soak into, and completely bung up, your pores. I think that, by and large, sweating is a good thing. Sure, it may be inconvenient at times, in hot humid places like Singapore, but I’d take a damp shirt over a failure to maintain homeostasis any day.

Up to now, I’d assumed that Lucky Tiger was just masking the stench of my body pumping out gallons of sweat. Now I’m worried that it’s also impeding my sweat production, something that I’d never want to interrupt.

However, if that isn’t a qualm, and you like the smells of vetiver, rosewood and spearmint, Lucky Tiger is wondrous stuff. If I research in more detail and find that it is a genuine antiperspirant with all the joys of aluminium and all that provides, then I’m just going to go outside and spray it in the hope it dehazes the air. Can’t be worse than anything else anyone has tried.

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