Lunch at the Marina Bay Sands

Today I was at a conference all day in the Marina Bay Sands. I packed a sweater so I wouldn’t get too cold, but since the conference room was packed with people I was actually too hot rather than too cold.

The last time I was at a conference at the Marina Bay Sands, I was nonplussed by the revolting food that was served – given that you’re in a gold-plated hotel complex built without any expense spared, you would expect the food to be decent rather than unmitigated misery, a bland nothingness that tasted of disappointment and sadness. Learning from my experiences, I skipped the buffet line of heated trays and just scoffed dessert, because you can’t go wrong with raspberry chocolate cake, macarons and creme brulee, and that worked out just fine until I had a tarrible sugar crash mid afternoon.

In the evening we had exclusive access to the ArtScience Museum, which was great. The basement of the ArtScience Museum has a wonderful installation called FutureWorld, all calm glowing lights and beautiful installations of LEDs or interactive screens. It’s a calm and meditative, dark space where you can be happily sensorily deprived. This would be a real treat, except for when you exit Futureworld, you were confronted with a bunch of pissed-up colleagues and the LOUDEST PUB BAND IN THE WORLD AND MY GOD WHY IS EVERYONE SHOUTING?

So that was probably the wrong way round to do things – was that my problem or everyone elses? I hung out for a while to catch up with people, but eventually the roaring of the crowds became too much and I fled home, strangely feeling overboozed even though I’d not touched a drop all night. Was I drunk by symbiosis?

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