Making a new space

I tidied our "shed" this evening; although I’ve been 3d-printing, it’s been in between a lawnmower, a roll of floor covering and a small mound of carpentry supplies. Every day the builders put a pile of saws and other tools on a table, and every night I take that off the table, print something, and then move my printer out the way again so it doesn’t get smashed to bits under the hammers and saws.
This couldn’t go on forever, so after I set my printer live creating a 1/300th scale model of a gantry crane, I set to work rearranging the contents of the space under my porch.

I piled the shop vac on top of the lawnmower, shifted three boxes of cables and wiring to one side of the space, and wondered what to do with a huge cardboard box of bike parts that I’ve not opened since we moved it from Singapore.

Still, as of tomorrow morning when I switch off the printer from its most recent run and pack it away, I’ll be able to shift it to a space where I won’t need to move it from place to place every day for fear of it being ‘upgraded’ into wreckage. As long as nobody steals it all, which remains a concern with the lack of a lock on the porch door. One more thing to fix in this whole renovation…

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