Marathon training – week 8 of 14 – the week my heart skipped

Last week was lamentable; I didn’t run once for the whole seven days. Now, that was partly because I lost a day stuck at the airport, and because I was at a conference for the rest of the week, and on a plane for 17 hours from Friday morning through til Saturday evening, but still the failure rankles. 

I did go to the hotel gym once, but all the treadmills were occupied, so I just did ten minutes of lifting weights (which seems to have resulted in nothing more beneficial than a calf strain) and ten minutes sat on an exercise bike that were boring enough to make me lose hope for humanity. This was not the singular joy one derives from running around Stanford multiple times. 

I guess you could think of this as an enforced rest week; with most marathons, I lose a week to injury at some point, so (I hope) this is a less serious pause to have to take. One would normally be full of energy after a week’s rest, while I’m falling asleep at eight in the evening. Still, give it a few days, we’ll see how it goes…

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