Mexican food, Fitbits and discipline

Tonight I went straight back to the MRT station after Spanish tonight, rather than wander round Bugis in ever-decreasing circles, and walked from Telok Ayer station to Pistola, where I bought some more tacos. That’s two Mexican meals in less than a week; you’d think I’d be sick of them, particularly after my ten thousand word review of a Mexican restaurant, but I just keep eating and eating.

My weight seems to be unaffected by all this late-night eating, and I attribute that to the Fitbit. It’s turned out to be a good way to nag me into getting more exercise. Previously, I’d rely on doing a hard session at the track once a week to provide enough activity to keep the blood pumping through my body and my joints from seizing up.

However, once I started wearing the Fitbit it became abundantly clear that for the rest of the week, a ten minute walk to work in the morning and another ten minutes home in the evening wasn’t providing enough exercise for the other six days of the week.

Further, because there’s a social element to Fitbit, you get to see how all your friends who use one are getting on. I’m not the most competitive person I know; I’m just idiotically competitive, so every day I see that one of my friends has gone past me in the rankings, it pressures me to go and do a bit extra. I know that it’s faintly ridiculous, but anything that encourages me to take the stairs instead of the lift every morning is a good thing.

The other good thing is that the band handily tracks how much I sleep every night. Previously I’ve tried to note how much sleep I get, but that relies on knowing exactly when I go to sleep, and remembering in the morning to note down when I wake up. With the Fitbit, it automatically logs how much sleep I get (and how much time I spend thrashing around) so I have an idea of how much quality sleep I’ve had.

Tomorrow I can’t go to the track, so I plan to hammer out half an hour of speed work first thing in the morning, but that means getting my head down early tonight. Hopefully the Fitbit provides some upgrade to my willpower.

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