Minor chores

I got back from my morning run today just in time to miss Destroyer throw up her breakfast, which was a nice way to cool down. She was inconsolable until we put her in the bath, at which point she reverted to her normal merry burbling. I took her sister to school, hoping there wouldn’t be a repeat performance.

There wasn’t, but the burbling went on for a good 14 hours. I put her down tonight and instead of this being a chance for me to sleep on her floor, she gibbered and clapped and poked me in the eye and laughed and slapped my face for an hour and a half after bedtime, until for no particular reason she slumped to the floor and passed out.

By then my wife was conked out on the sofa so with nobody to talk to unless I shook La Serpiente awake, I went out for another run, the last with my old Nikes. I’ve had these shoes since I went to New York in the January of 2015; I didn’t wear them for almost a year, by which time they’d gone mouldy, and then they became my go-to training shoe for a year and change. Now they’ve been supplanted by my blinged out Brooks, which, given they’ve already racked up 250 km, probably won’t last quite as long. Which means I can buy more shoes, hoorah.

Tomorrow morning I fly to Bangkok again, which means I wriggle out of the school run for two mornings, but don’t break my resolution for the year. I really don’t know if this is a good thing or not.

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