Modern Sleep Deprivation

The girls had a sleepover last night, or rather they stayed up all night, so they weren’t in the best state this morning. I collected them at 11, fed them lunch and then put them in the back of the car while I drove down to south Seattle to drop off supplies for the homeless. Then I figured as there was the Giacometti exhibition at the Seattle Art Museum, I’d try to broaden their minds.
Destroyer was sparko in the back of the car when we got to the car park, so I bought them both hot chocolates at the museum cafe, and got myself coffee, before we headed up to the exhibition. A Swiss surrealist/cubist/something else operating in Paris was maybe not the easiest thing for them to cope with, although they decided their mother would like his early paintings "because they had mountains in them". Then, a short trip to see the statue of an enormous black mouse sitting on a man’s chest, and then we drove home again, where the kids continued to gibber and frolic, and I began to suffer ever more from not sleeping or eating enough myself.

At least we’d given my wife a few hours’ respite, in which she moved around the house, had a little solid food and avoided too many more pancreatic spasms. Then, with the kids going to sleep quickly, I got a lot of exercise done and prepared for tomorrow’s work.

Well, no: we watched the final half of the Slow Horses series on Apple TV, and then I had to stay up late to call a bank in the UK. So a thrilling end to the week / start to the week. Onwards!

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