More adventures in electricity

Today we spent some time trying to figure out how to wire the upper floor of the house. The old wiring went up the back wall, entered just behind the toilet cistern, and then cables wander around the upper floor. As we’re removing walls this isn’t something to sustain, but figuring out exactly where the cables are (and because they’re stapled in, not being able to pull them back out) was a trial.
Our third plan is to ignore the mess of old cables, and run new ones up the front of the house, doing reconnection work there. I’m hoping that’s easier; it means more cable, but I have 1,000 feet of Romex now, so this doesn’t seem like an issue.

After that, I put the kids down, reading them thirty or forty pages of Wild Wood, a Oregon-set fantasy with talking coyotes (who are apparently Russian) and a weedy kid called Curtis. The only person I knew called Curtis before this was a massive lad who worked on a building site and did loads of coke, so it seems like strange casting, but whatever.

Tomorrow, we move out, into our neighbours’ bungalow while they’re on holiday for two weeks. I pray that after that, we have figured out the wiring, the heating and the insulation in our own house …

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