Moving back in

This afternoon we went into our house and started tidying up and preparing for our move back in on Monday: my wife concentrated on prepping the kitchen, while I tidied upstairs and tried to get the girls to remove the toys from the floor of their bedroom.
Over the course of three hours, we made the living room habitable again (you can now get to the sofa without clambering across a bale of wire), moved our shoe rack back down to the entrance hall, and put all my clothes back in the wardrobe. I found the remote for our TV (after we gave it away to our friends for letting us stay in their house) and vacuumed dirt off the floor and the couch.

We don’t have central heating yet, but there are a few space heaters around the house and the master bedroom was actually nice and warm. Everything else is chilly though. Temperatures are rising again though, so that’s less of a concern than ensuring we have hot water again. My friend the electrician comes tomorrow to sort that out.

In the evening, kids asleep, friends came around for three hours of cheese and cider, after which I couldn’t see straight and thus it was time for bed. A simple end to Saturday, then.

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