Never give up

I went swimming tonight, with my old pair of goggles that I bought a couple of years ago back in Singapore. As I got into the pool, I realised that the strap had detached from one side of the goggles, in a repeat of Saturday’s goggle failure.

Luckily, this time round the strap hadn’t ripped, it had just come undone, so I looped and knotted the strap, then did my first lap. That went fine, and then with the second lap they came undone and fell off, vanishing into the water.

Well, that was looking bad. I decided I couldn’t give up so easily and started doing laps of backstroke, and after another three lengths my goggles materialised, floating down the pool next to me. I plucked them from the water, tied a better knot, and managed another six laps.

So on the one hand it shows persistence can be rewarded, but if I’m going to need a new pair of goggles every time I go swim, it’s going to be an expensive hobby.

That was the end of the day. The start was the opposite, if there’s an opposite to your goggles falling off and then following you back. It was the girls’ first day back (Destroyer’s first day at Whittier Elementary in person) and on the one hand they were excited and keen, and on the other they were arguing with us about whether they needed to wear their coats to school when it was zero degrees outside. There was all sorts of flapdoodle when we got to the school and couldn’t find the right places to deposit the kids, but it ended up happily. I went home, tried to cope with having got up at six forty five. So the same, but different, I guess

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