New arrival

Our washing machine was delivered today, about 6pm, by two brawny men who we persuaded to take away our old washing machine from the depths of our garden. The new machine is whisper quiet, so we can bid farewell to the laundromat that we’ve been visiting since June of last year. Another big step to feeling like the house is almost finished.
Earlier, I took La Serpiente on a walk up to the library. On the way there we met a woman with two corgis, who seemed offended that I didn’t want to get a corgi of our own immediately, despite La Serpiente’s requests for a dog. Since (a) we haven’t perfected cat ownership yet and (b) if La Serpiente can’t empty the dishwasher on a daily basis, I don’t think she’s yet up to walking a dog every day, and (c) because that’s another mouth to feed, I think we’re right to decline.

Anyway, we walked up to the library, we had lunch, we walked back, I disappointed her by not getting her promised ice cream, but then both girls had a sleepover at a neighbours’ house, so we had peace and quiet. Or at least as much peace and quiet as you can get with Frogmorton hurtling around upstairs and men arriving downstairs to deliver appliances.

Finally, my wife had her first solid food since Thursday lunchtime: a single garlic breadstick. But oh, what a breadstick! I’m hoping if her pancreas doesn’t complain, there might be more for her to eat tomorrow…

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