New car smell

Because renting a car turns out to be insanely expensive, today I went back to Lee Johnson Hyundai in Everett (where we bought our Ioniq 5) and bought a Elantra instead. It’s a mid sized sedan with a petrol engine rather than an electric car, which is an aberration for me, but given it will be months before another Ioniq 5 appears, and I want to be able to get my family to the airport this week with the minimum of fuss, I figured I’d buy something.
It took about four hours, including the hour to drive there and back, and otherwise was pretty simple. I tried every car they had (just a choice of colours and whether we wanted the Elantra or the Sonata, two slightly different sizes of vehicle) and then I had a car again.

It’s not as nice as the Ioniq 5 but it’s half the price, and a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. Everyone remembered me from the last time I was there, and understanding of my scheme to buy this car and then be prioritized to get another Ioniq 5 when one shows up. With luck, depreciation isn’t an issue (with the car market as it is at the moment…)

We have air conditioning at last, switched on by the HVAC engineer today. Now the house is cool and livable, and the solar panels cover concern about the electrical usage to cool the house. All of a sudden the house feels close to completion. Slowly, inexorably, we approach the end…

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