New Year New Lion

Today we had a lion dance at our office; Chinese New Year never seems to end, but although it’s earsplittingly loud, we get oranges doled out to us at seemingly random intervals, which softens the pain.

There were two lions, or four men in pantomime costumes, depending on which way you look at it. They started off up on the roof, and then went down into the offices, accompanied by a chubby chap banging a drum, and a bored looking guy constantly bashing two cymbals together.

If you wanted to, you could give money to the lions, by leaving it in a red envelope between some oranges on your desk. Or by sticking the red envelope to the wall, or a light fitting, or anywhere else that would be slightly precarious for a pair of men in a pantomime costume to get to. The gallant lion dancers hurled themselves around the office, money was retrieved, and no computers were smashed to pieces by flailing limbs.

After this, we all went back to the roof and threw noodles in the air, symbolizing wealth (when the noodles fall and miss the plate, I guess that’s trickle down economics in action) and then we had dinner. I don’t know if that was symbolic, or just a meal.

This has been a tiring week, shortened by Monday being a holiday and thus compressing all the work that needed to be done into just four days, a seemingly constantly accelerating rush of stuff until by Friday afternoon I felt quite saturated. Thus it’s probably good to pause while some people dress up as lions and dance around.

And while people follow the ancient tradition of using their phones to record things, rather than actually watch them. Something could be said about the flaws of a technologically mediated reality, but then I was taking photos of people taking photos of men dressed as lions. How much more meta does it get?

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