Night running

After I put the girls to bed, I went out for another interval run. I did this last week and it was pain and suffering; a ten minute warm up, then 5 1k repeats, topped off with three flat out sprints for 200m each.
I was a bit smarter this time around. I didn’t try to do it at 5pm in the baking sun, without any water, and I didn’t run the first couple of ks as fast as I possibly could. Thus, even though I flagged a bit on my last kilometre, I kept fairly consistent throughout, and had just enough left to do my short sprints, and be able to jog home rather than shamble, a broken man, down the hill.

As per last week, I ended up running 10k. Today, in just under an hour.

So that was good. I started the day fighting with La Serpiente over who was going to get the blanket, then got up late and was in meetings all day. Tomorrow is a bit worse (I have my first call at 8:30) but I also have the chance to get more stuff done, as I start to get back into the swing of things. And that will be Thursday. My first week back has flown by…

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