Nikk Three Horn Cup

Today I returned to the Evergreen Lanes bowling lanes for another Blood Bowl tournament – this time four full games, starting at 9 in the morning and carrying on until very late.
Leaving the house today, I told my wife I’d be happy if I managed to score today; I was taking Halflings, one of the harder teams to play, because they’re slow, weedy and not terribly agile. Isn’t it nice to challenge yourself?

In the first game, I managed to injure lots of opposing players – the first half went well, except he scored and I had players sent off. Although he scored again in the second half, I had two turns to get my first touchdown. And then he used a wizard to zap me with a fireball, and I lsot 3-0 instead of 2-1. I was fairly crushed by that, and had to go and sulk for a bit after the game.

Game two I was relegated to the lowest table, and then I won 1-0 by destroying the opposition’s team (I lost track of how ma y I knocked out) although I was playing an eight year old so winning felt a bit shameful.

Not to worry, because the next game was against Skaven and he scored 5 touchdowns to my 0,even though I maimed or killed 7 of his players. A few turns more and I could have scored, I guess…

For the final game, I was drawn against the only other player bringing a Stunty team, Burck with goblins. I’ve played him before and he’s a really strong player so I was expecting another loss, but wonderful dice from me a d terrible from him meant I smashed most of his team off the pitch in the first half, then had to sneak slowly forward to take a draw in the last turn of the game. If I’d been more aggressive, perhaps I could have got a win, but a draw was better than a loss.

I went home, brain broken by the concentration. I was third overall for casualties (19)-pretty good for a team of hobbits – but I think I’ll take a "proper" team next time.

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