Not going out

I didn’t leave the house today, apart from to wheel in the recycling bin after it got emptied, and to check the mail box. This is in stark contrast to driving halfway across the state yesterday and having a proper walk. I didn’t even get to walk the girls around the block before school because I had an 8am meeting, so after a full day indoors I was tetchy and out of sorts.
With my wife at a PTA meeting I was at home minding the sleeping kids, so I couldn’t go out for a walk in the evening either. Instead, I got to play Blood Bowl and lost two games in succession, which wasn’t great for my mood. Should have spent my time painting models instead of simulating losing with them on a computer screen.

On the positive side, I’ve now done 40% of my pull ups for the month. With 12 days left to do almost three hundred more, this is where the hard days start to come. At least if I can stick it out to the end of the month there’s pay-off in improved strength. My poor hands, though, have strange yellow calluses from all the heaving on a metal bar. I hope they shrink a bit in time, but until then I’m assiduously rubbing in hand salve in the hope it keeps them soft and stops them cracking. The things we do for enjoyment, eh?

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