Oh, Henry

I had my performance review today and after that, needed to calm down again so my wife and I walked down to Mainstay Provisions on 65th to get lunch. On the way back, we stopped at a little library, and were approached by a white cat with a tabby tail.

He followed us all the way up the street, stopping at each house to go up to the porch and inspect it, and I began to think he might be lost. He had a collar on and I caught a glimpse of his address: over on 70th and Mary, about 6 blocks east and one north, which seemed a long way to roam.

There was also a phone number on the collar, and calling this (once we’d persuaded him to follow us up to 70th) revealed that Henry’s M.O. is to roam widely, and try to mooch food from as many houses as possible.

Well, of course Henry followed us all the way home, and Froggy was a bit perturbed to see another cat on our porch, or yowling outside. It’s interesting that while Froggy seems quite curious about the outside world, he does not want to go outside – memories of when he was homeless, perhaps?

Anyway, the sun shone, we encountered cats, all was good with the world.

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