Out running again

I had a steady state run to do today; that involved warming up for 10 minutes, then doing 10 more at about five minute km pace, and then slowing down and cooling off.
I trotted off and was assiduous about not running too hard, keeping my heart rate nice and low. Then I got to the end of the warm up and took it up a gear, and found myself running down a steep dirt track inside Carkeek Park. This was a lot of fun but I was putting in 4-minute kilometre pace, which was rather too fast, and when eventually I turned round (as I had to get back to relieve my wife, heading out to her book club) I was a bit broken.

I took it easy on the return, but my heart rate was still high (over 150) and didn’t settle until I got home. Fortunately, the kids went to sleep quickly and I could then spend the evening mucking about.

After my visit to the doctor last week, I bought a blood pressure monitor. Another new toy to monitor, although I hope that by becoming active again, that should do something to improve my currently slightly elevated results. Or I have a new toy.

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