Pacific Brim

This morning I was meant to go running again, but although I woke at 5:30 to clear skies, I then went back to sleep and went straight through my alarm, surfacing at 8. So instead, I had breakfast at Pacific Brim, a cafe in town. It was a shame that we had a barista who was dressed normally, rather than the establishment being a coffee -themed homage to Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim film: you know, coffee cups in the shape of kaiju, your breakfast brought to you by a giant battlemecha, etc.

After breakfast we went to a secondhand bookshop where La Serpiente and Destroyer kept bringing me increasingly unsuitable books, before walking past a series of head shops and new age souvenir joints and then giving up and driving out to the Cathedral, a clump of very big trees surrounded by some other big trees, about fifteen miles from town.

Then naptime. I’m trying to remember if family holidays were like this when I was growing up: short journeys punctuated by exhausted parents trying to snatch some sleep.

In the afternoon, we had promised La Serpiente ice cream, and rather than buy it from the gas station at the end of the road, we drove out to Coombs, where there’s a Mexican taqueria and ice cream shop. I had a couple of tacos and discovered that even with a blocked up nose, spicy tacos may be too spicy. Then we bought ice creams. I’m sure I asked for a baby-sized cone for La Serpiente but our server was either inattentive, trying to be generous or vindictive, as our three year old ended up with a cone of mint chocolate chip slightly bigger than her head, with predictable sugary results.

The sugar high was followed by the sugar crash, and at home she put herself in her pyjamas at 6 and asked to go to bed. And then took three hours to actually go to sleep, like she was a punishment for bad parenting decisions. Ah, happy holidays.

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