Partially successful

As with every Saturday now, we took La Serpiente to her ultimate frisbee match (for a second week in a row at the same playing field in West Seattle). The team they were playing against went 2-0 up in the first minute, and I thought it was going to be a quick defeat, but they rallied and lost only by 7-5 at the end. La Serpiente was a bit out of it for part of the game, which I put down to fatigue and hunger, and her wheeze of hanging about in the end zone waiting for the frisbee to come, rather than running downfield for it. But hey, that’s hope, right?
In the afternoon, I tried making cold brew; I’m not sure how it will work out (200 grams of coffee, 700 grams of water, 16 hours of waiting) but we’ll find out tomorrow. I was hoping to trim one of the bushes in the backyard, but it rained all afternoon, so I was more productive arguing with my wife about the dishwasher, and then vacuuming some of the hay out of our carpet.

While we were out, my electrician came round and rewired our bathroom lights onto a dimmer switch, which makes me stupidly happy. I can’t extol the benefits of dimmer switches enough. My wife and I then tried to fix the shower door (partially successfully) and if that was a leitmotif of the day, I partially successfully shaved, which is to say I’m not bleeding, but there’s scrags of hair all over my face.

Then three games of Blood Bowl, two cruel losses that could have been draws, and a win where I destroyed the other team with some lucky dice. But take the wins where you can, right?

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