Party and cake

After all the stress, the party was remarkably relaxed: we drove the kids to the pool, they frolicked for an hour, we went to the park, they ate and sunbathed and ran around, and then they smashed open their piñatas and got more sweets, and then we drove home.
Although it was hot, it wasn’t too hot, although by mid afternoon the heat had sapped the energy from us. We ended up giving the girls almsot all of the rest of the Harry Potter to watch, before I put them to bed, getting into a pointless argument about the things they’d taped to their ceiling. I have to work on that.

The cakes were great successes: this is the third year my wife has baked them, I think, and this time a lovely vanilla and strawberry cake, and a chocolate Oreo cake, both of which were devoured.

Tomorrow it’s going to be super hot (above 30°) and then it is slated to cool down again. I wonder if that means we’re getting our air conditioning first, or our heating.

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