Plastic and concrete

I drove down to Puyallup tonight to see a friend of mine, who’s given up on playing Blood Bowl and now prefers to go hunting with a bow and arrow. As a result, he’s got a lot of plastic toy soldiers he doesn’t want any more, and I was lucky enough to be the person he’d sell them to.
I had asked him if he was selling one specific piece, a chainsaw wielding lunatic, but instead of that I got at least five beautifully painted teams, and boxes and boxes of unpainted, unassembled plastic to sort through at my leisure and try to construct.

This was quite possibly a bad decision when we’re two weeks away from going travelling and living in a tent, but the clarion call of unpainted plastic is hard to resist.

Driving to Puyallup was a long journey, about 80 minutes on the freeway. On the way down I saw a major traffic jam, caused by a burned out car on the hard shoulder. On the way back I drove even more slowly, fragile plastic toys rattling in the back of the car.

I stopped off at our house on the way back. The concrete was poured today and so now we have, for the first time in the history of the house, a viable foundation. It’s still curing but in a few days the house should be ready to lower back down, and soon after that it will appear to be a home again. Then there’s the long march to get to a finished building; but we can afford to take our time with fixture and fittings. I wonder how far we really are from the end now…

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