Please go to sleep

Tonight we tried putting the girls to sleep without melatonin. We’ve grown so accustomed to the girls going straight to sleep without quibble or complaint that bedtime without melatonin was quite, quite torturous.
La Serpiente, who is usually down in five minutes, wriggled and thrashed and complained that she couldn’t shut her eyes, that she was scared of the dark, that she needed a back scratch, that … It went on and on and on, and then Destroyer got in the act from the top bunk, complaining about bad thoughts, and wanting a cuddle, and so I had to climb up to her bunk, and then La Serpiente came up, and so on and on and on.

I left the room about 8:45, over an hour after we started, and they were still awake. On, and on, and on. My wife took over while I fled downstairs to play a game of Blood Bowl (I won 5-0) and at some point within those two hours, the kids finally went to sleep.

This, of course, was how it always was until we tried dosing them with melatonin. I had terrible trouble getting to sleep myself as a kid, but we have to somehow get the kids back on the right track. Let’s try a week of this and see how bent out of shape we get…

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