Poems and cakes

I read to La Serpiente from her book of poems tonight. We read The Grateful Dragon, The Jabberwocky, and (of course) What Turkey Do? – a poem that she has now learned some of the words to. Sadly she’s yet to adopt a Jamaican patois in the rest of her speech, no matter how many times I bellow “What Turkey do in de chicken pen?” at her. She just replies that he is colouring in, making her first pun about chicken pens and felt tip pens.

I am trying to persuade her to go to sleep without tomfoolery; as with previous nights, this involves leaving her bedroom after her bedtime bear has sung to her twice. Tonight, she followed me out a few minutes later and I had to put her back, then have the bear sing again, then go out, then go back in again, until almost 9 this evening. As I have to be tucked up in bed by ten in order to meet my goals for sleep, this deprives me of precious opportunity for hijinks.

However, my wife bought me three cupcakes from the Pure Vanilla bakery today, and that made up for a lack of time this evening. Although stuffing three into my craw was probably a bad idea. Exercise tomorrow, then.

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